Fastnet tech support team fly high with ticket response time targets

Posted August 15, 2019 by Thomas Lavis

We felt the need to celebrate recently, having again met our tech support targets of keeping ticket response times within one hour. To get some perspective on this – it is not uncommon for response times to be 1 – 2 days within our industry. Rob and the team work hard to make sure our fantastic ticket response times remain something our customers really value.

We took our team to Brighton Beach Cinema to watch the film Top Gun – hats were essential!

Fastnet tech team night out photo

Our Technical Director James Parker explains a bit more about our accomplishment. 

We capture data in a variety of ways to allow us to make real improvements to the support that we provide to our customers.  One of the help desk performance metrics tracks our response to ongoing calls and emails – the team kept the average ticket response time well below our target of one hour over the last month – we thought that some education in a cinematic classic was in order – with beer and pizza of course! 

James Parker, Technical Director


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