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Gigabit Ethernet Explained

  • THE FASTEST internet connection for Brighton’s businesses.
  • THE MOST RELIABLE connection and service you’ll experience.
  • DEDICATED LINE for guaranteed speeds.
  • THE BEST PRICE you’ll find anywhere.
  • NEW to Brighton & Hove businesses.

Fastnet Gigabit Ethernet gives you 1000 Mb/s in both directions - and the line is 100% dedicated to you, meaning you’ll experience the full fibre future of business connectivity.

No downtime, no dropouts, no slow moments!

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From £399.00 PCM


From £269.00 PCM

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Find out if you're eligible for £2500 towards the cost of upgrading to a Gigabit connection.

Is your business eligable?


  • Superfast Gigabit Speeds
  • Symmetric connectivity for Data, Voice, Backup and Cloud
  • Pro Active Monitoring and Alerts
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support and Service
  • Industry leading SLA's


  • Perfect, seamless communication throughout your business
  • Crisp, lag-free video conferencing 100% of the time
  • No buffering, no waiting for files to load, no timing out
  • Protect your business by eradicating down-time

What our customers say

Everything has to be online 24/7 - it's crucial

Picturehouse Cinemas

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