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Business broadband

Gigabit ethernet explained

Fastnet Gigabit Ethernet gives you 1000 Mb/s in both directions - and the line is 100% dedicated to you, meaning you’ll experience the full-fibre future of business connectivity.

Until now, most businesses have been priced out of the fastest private connections, or have had to share a line with other users - meaning they aren’t really getting the speeds they paid for.

£269/ per month
  • Dedicated broadband
  • Symmetric connectivity for Data, Voice, Backup and Cloud
  • Pro Active Monitoring and Alerts
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support and Service
  • Industry leading SLA's

Built for business

Cutting edge internet services – the best connectivity in Brighton and Hove

  • THE FASTEST internet connection for Brighton’s businesses.
  • THE MOST RELIABLE connection and service you’ll experience.
  • DEDICATED LINE for guaranteed speeds.
  • THE BEST PRICE you’ll find anywhere.
  • NEW to Brighton & Hove businesses.

Everything has to be online 24/7 - it's crucial

Picturehouse Cinemas

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Website hosting

Simple, secure, reliable – host your websites, web-stores, databases and email with Fastnet.

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Business VoIP

Discover Fastnet Hosted Voice - the smartest way to run your phone services via a broadband connection.

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Data backup

Keep your data secure from physical and electronic disasters with Fastnet Restore.

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Domain names

Need a web address for your business? We’ll make it easy.

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Network Security

Block intruders and viruses with granular firewalls and unified threat management.

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Data centre hosting

Use your own hardware or lease it from us – secure server hosting from our state-of-the-art data centres.

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