Fastnet’s Top 3 Email FAQ’s

Posted February 8, 2018 by Thomas Lavis

Part two of our customer support team’s ‘most frequently asked questions’ blog is all about emails. If you’re experiencing issues with email, we recommend that you contact us. However, the below advice could be helpful if you want to fix the issue on your own.


Why am I receiving multiple copies of the same email?

The most common reason why you might see multiple copies of the same mail arrive within your Outlook or other mail application’s inbox is that you are currently on our POP mail platform and that you are over quota.

With POP mail, you download the messages from our mail servers but some mail programs can have a setting whereby it doesn’t remove the copies from the server. This will eventually fill up your account causing you to hit your quota. You can enable the mail to remove these copies after X amount of days by navigating to:

File > Info > Account Information > ‘double click’ into selected POP account > More Settings > ‘Advanced’ Tab.

Here you have delivery options where you specify the amount of days you would like to keep the messages on our servers. This is commonly used when you want to receive POP messages on more than one device. Once you’ve applied the settings within your mail client, run a send/receive job and it should remove anything from our servers that is post the time you’ve selected.

This should now resolve the issue now and in future.


Why can I not send/receive emails?

We recommend that you check your mail settings to begin with and then restart your machine if you’re still having problems. Once restarted please check that you can access the internet as you will not be able to send/receive mail without this working.

Once verified and if the problem persists please call or email Fastnet where we will be able to diagnose the issue further and we may ask if we can remotely on to your machine to determine the problem.


I haven’t received a particular email, what should I do?

There are quite a few processes an email goes through from when it is sent to it being received. We would recommend the following steps in order to diagnose what may have happened:

1. Check with the sender to see if they received a bounce back.
2. Check your junk folder. Mail applications and/or your anti-virus program can sometimes mark emails incorrectly and will automatically move the mail to this folder.
3. If your mail has been marked ‘PROBABLE SPAM’ in the subject line this means that you are utilising Fastnet’s Spam Scanning solution. You can log into your mail portal here: and then whitelist it to prevent this from happening in future.
4. Are you receiving other mail OK? If you run a manual send/receive process this should display any errors. If you cannot receive other mail we would recommend running through the checks above ‘Why can I not send/receive emails?’ before contacting Fastnet.
5. If your mail is provided by an exchange server speak to the administrator to see if they can see the email hitting the server within the mail logs.


Please contact Fastnet if you require any further support.

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