Fastnet Staff Profile #3 – Luke Street, Account Manager

Posted March 26, 2018 by Thomas Lavis

For our third Fastnet staff profile, Luke has answered some questions about his role as Account Manager. If you currently work with Fastnet, you may have had the pleasure of dealing with Luke before.


Who are you?

 My name is Luke Street. I’ve been working at Fastnet for 10 years, since I was 27 years old! I’m a Brighton and Hove Albion season ticket holder and I have a beautiful 20 month old son called Emmett who hopefully will be attending games at the Amex very soon.


What do you do at Fastnet?

 I am a senior account manager and my role is to make sure customers, both old and new, get the most from the technology they invest in. I build long lasting relationships with customers and suppliers to ensure we deliver solutions that are practical, scalable, resilient and cost effective.


What changes have you seen within your industry since you’ve been working within it?

 When I joined in 2007 it was the dawn of 8Mbps ADSL and 2Mbps Ethernet/Leased Lines were common. Speeds have increased dramatically opening up a wide range of opportunities for our clients. These days 80Mbps ADSL is commonplace and Ethernet 1 and 10Gbps circuits are available.

I have seen our Data Centre built form the ground up, organically growing into the Enterprise class data centre it is now, hosting some of the largest companies in the country.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

 Providing customers with a solution that fits their business needs, allowing them to access new technologies that were simply not viable before superfast connectivity. There’s a buzz around this industry because of how fast the technology moves forward. Being a part of that, and sharing my knowledge with others, is hugely exciting.


Tell us something we may not know about Fastnet.

 Fastnet were one of the first UK ISP’s and we are still privately owned and under the same name as when we started 23 years ago in 1995.

 To contact Fastnet about any of our products or services, please call 01273 688088 or contact us here.

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