Fastnet customer feedback rating at all time high

Posted December 5, 2019 by Thomas Lavis

Two years ago we posted a blog boasting our incredible NPS score, which was 72. This score is 32 percent above the industry average at the time of 40.

We thought we’d do an update, because we’ve managed to improve – and not even by a tiny bit. Our Net Promoter Score is now at a whopping 82! This is 41 percent above the current industry average. 

A ‘NPS’ score is out of 100, and it is a measurement of the response to the question ‘How likely is it that you would recommend Fastnet to a friend or colleague?’.


Why is this so important to us?

At Fastnet, we put a lot of time into making sure our customer service is excellent. We are dedicated to business customers only, and one of the reasons we have a great reputation is because our customers can get an expert on the end of the phone within seconds, whenever they need one. 

Rob Hitchcock, Helpdesk Lead said:

I am extremely proud of our team’s continued efforts to provide an unbeatable customer experience. We pride ourselves on providing a service that new and existing customers can always rely on.

Our vision – to be the people who make the internet work, for your people – underpins everything we do as we strive to be personal, customer focussed and forward thinking.


To speak to one of our friendly team, just call 01273 688088 now. 


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