Fastnet understands our Business

The Laine Pub Company Ltd

“Fastnet understands our Business”

Some companies always put their customers first – even if it means venturing into uncharted waters. Back in 2012 Fastnet did just that for The Laine Pub Company Ltd – a network of 47 pubs in Brighton and London, which required a full broadband service with very specific support needs.

Unhappy with their previous ISP, The Laine Pub Company Ltd wanted more reliable broadband connections with better technical support for their pub staff – and they found it with Fastnet.

It’s a more hands-on service than many businesses need, but that’s just how they like it. Some of Fastnet’s clients are very knowledgeable about technology, but others aren’t – and don’t want to be.

“We’re not IT-literate at all,” says Martin, financial director at The Laine Pub Company Ltd. “We needed an internet company to deal with our internet – whatever the problem.

Fastnet understands our business —
they know where we’re coming from.

They know that if there’s an issue,
we don’t always need to hear what it is,
we just need it sorted — and they
do that for us.

“If the broadband isn’t working, and it isn’t their fault, then I still expect Fastnet to go and find out whose problem it is and get it resolved. I don’t want my pub managers’ time tied up with trying to find out what’s going on.”

Fastnet go the extra mile to reassure and communicate with pub managers and resolve any issues – whether it’s a basic IT question, or an outage outside of its direct control.

“Fastnet are more responsive, more receptive and a lot more forward-thinking than other ISPs we’ve come across,” says Martin. “That’s why it works for us.”

Martin Swindon. The Laine Pub Company Ltd’

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