Bring your children to work day brings average staff age down to 23

Posted September 4, 2019 by Thomas Lavis

We thought it would be a great idea to invite our children into the office for a day over half term, to show them where mummy and daddy work, and let them find out more about what happens here. We even let them interview us about our roles, so they could ask us anything that came to their minds.

The children were excited to have a tour of our premises, and especially loved the flashing lights and sounds in our server room. They were an important voice later on in our staff meeting, where ‘a need for more chocolate biscuits in the kitchen’ was a topic on the agenda amongst other pressing matters.

We’re excited to have such enthusiastic, talented people learning about Fastnet and our industry. It’s their generation who’ll be taking the baton and making sure business Internet services are continued to be supplied and managed in the right and proper way. With these friendly and smart people at the helm, there’s no doubt our superb service standards will continue well into the the 2020’s and beyond.

Thanks to Jemima for helping with the little ones.

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